As some of us were feeling a bit blue about not being at VizThink09, we thought, why not have a little online visual thinking jam ourselves.

What is an Online Visual Jam?
We don't know, but we'll find out

When is the First Jam?
Wednesday, February 25th at 3pm PST
(What year? Grin - that was 2009!! Want to do another? Email me!)

How do I Join?
Leave a note here that you are joining.
Call in: Skypeable free call: (Participants using Skype should call )
Call will be recorded
Web Tech: Vyew ---
What other Technology Might we want to use?

  • Shared whiteboard of some sort? VYEW
  • webcams?

Need Some Inspiration?
Do a search on the tag visual_thinking on Flickr or Delicious!

Play Groupies
Jay Cross plans to take part. Should I recruit accomplices or is this an intimate gathering?
Christine Martell Jay, recruiting would be good.....
Nancy White
Christine Valenza ?
Gail Williams ?