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See also: Integrating Visuals into Whole Systems Change Methods (also known as Graphic Faciltiation! ;-) ) and Visual Work and Thinking

external image 1907878502_fefdad17ff.jpgWorkshop Description:

Are you the kind of person who loves working with groups, who is interested in finding new ways to apply your listening and recording skills, and who learns best from doing and reflecting? Are you intrigued about the role of visuals in our group interactions and learning? If so, you are invited to join a small group of like-minded people to develop your own practice in graphic recording (you can see some examples here Graphic recording (also called graphic facilitation) at its most basic is capturing what is happening in a group or presentation. (To learn more, see )

The graphic recording workshop will be hosted by Nancy White of Full Circle Associates. Nancy is an online and offline facilitator who has been expanding her facilitation practice to include graphics. (You can see some of Nancy's work here

The workshop will give participants a glimpse into the world of graphic recording, provide them with time to experiment and play with a range of tools and techniques, and prepare them to apply what's been learned in a 'live' practice recording. If you are new to the practice of graphic recording, you may want to check out the examples linked above.

Want a glimpse?

PLEASE NOTE: you do NOT need to be an artist to join in the fun. You will, however, be strongly encouraged to leave your inner critic at the door.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Welcome and introductions – visually - we'll get with paper and pens right from the start
  • A bit about graphic recording and facilitation – the core of LISTENING
  • Lettering - "I Can Draw" practice
  • Images and icons
  • Organization of space
  • Practice: Pretend 5 minute talk to record
  • Materials
  • Preparing to graphically record
  • Forms and variations
  • Where to learn more

Supplies you may wish to bring:

  • A sketchbook
  • Digital camera (if you have one – we will also take pictures and share on the web)
  • A jump drive to copy pictures we share with each other.
  • If you plan to continue recording, bring a bag to tote your supplies in – I like something light I can sling over my shoulder. I use smaller zip plastic bags inside to store my pens.
  • We’ll provide access to pens and chalk, and pencils. If you want to bring your own favorite pens, please do. You may wish to put labels on them if you want to make sure they don’t get mixed in with others’ supplies.
  • Lunch (we'll provide snacks and drinks)


  • Dress comfortably and in clothes that you won’t worry about if they get pen marks on them. Almost all the pens we’ll use are water-based, but sometimes it is hard to get the pen marks out of white clothes. For when you are doing your practice session, dress in clothes that allow you to move easily as we often have to get up on chairs to tape up paper, reach and squat to the floor.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This is good advice in general, but again, you want to be comfortable on your feet when doing graphic recording
  • Go to and explore some of the links I’ve gathered for us


Recording a Session and Coaching:

Historical Note:

This workshop was first offered at GK3 in Kuala Lumpur. It has been through a variety of iterations. The current version is day one of a two day graphic recording/facilitation workshop. Tis workshop is useful when offered as a pre-event offering. Then people can practice at the larger event. For example, for GK3, the following text was included: In order for participants to further develop their practice, participants will be asked to record at least one session and coaching will be offered throughout the GK3 conference. Participants will be invited to connect informally with Nancy and fellow graphic recorders to share, reflect and learn from their work. We'll also share photos of our work online afterwards for any final feedback and reflection.