Drawing Pictures Together Across Distance

Need to fill something in here pretty darn soon! This is a page to support an event that is part of FLNW08 (wiki) and Blog

Time: 22:00 (check your local time) NOTE THE INCORRECT TIME And Date LINK WAS POSTED. IT IS 22:00 GMT
Where: Elluminate web conference
What about: Nancy White - Drawing Pictures Together Across Distance. This is not a talk by any stretch of the imagination. It is an invitation to draw together to exercise our visual thinking. I have been doing F2F graphic facilitation work and it taps into something that I often feel missing online. So can we talk together, draw together then share our images to add to that conversation? What might happen? Let's play. Images in advance at http://www.slideshare.net/choconancy/drawing-together-onlinecompressed
  • Have paper, pens, etc. or an electronic drawing tool available - we WILL be drawing
  • If you are working on paper, have your digital camera or scanner ready to capture your paper work and share it. Having a http://www.flickr.com account to upload your photos to is a plus. Tag them FLNW08 - we'll find 'em.
  • Leave your inner censor at home. He or she does NOT need to attend!
  • Some resources on graphic recording/facilitationhere

Here are the slides I plan to use to kick start the conversation.

Technological Tools for Drawing Together Online