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  • Little or no experience with online groups and interactions
  • 50% need to hit the ground running for TKN support.
  • Need 15 to run course

Notes: We should expect some of the students to have already scoped out their own groups. I expect the following TKN participants to attend, with some already having worked on a purpose checklist:

For the complete list of activities with each group, please check the planner at

1. Agricultural Water
Responsible person / course participant: Virginie Gillet
Purpose checklist: received/not done

2. Avian influenza
Responsible person: Anni McLeod / Course participants: Anni McLeod, Jim Hancock, (Philip, Lisa, someone from UNDP)
Purpose checklist: received/not done

3. Plant protection
Responsible person / Course participant: Manuela Allara
Purpose checklist: received/not done

4. IPC - Integrated Food Security and Humanitarian Phase Classification
Responsible person / course participant: Colin Andrews
Purpose checklist: yes

5. Urban forestry
Responsible persons / Course participants: Michelle Gauthier and Marjolaine Bernier-Leduc
Purpose checklist: received/not done

6. Right to Food
Responsible person / course participant: Mauricio Rosales
Purpose checklist: no

7. ESA
Responsible person / course participant: Huyen Tran
Purpose checklist: received/not done

8. AGAH - Tsetse-transmitted trypanosomiasis Group
Responsible person ????/ course participant: Giuliano Cecchi
Purpose checklist: no

9. IICD Participate

10. IICDParticipant

11. IFAD Participant

12.IFAD Participant

13.IFAD Participant

14.IFAD Participant

15.IFAD Participant

16. IFAD Participant

17. IFAD Participant

18. IFAD Participant

19. IFAD Participant

20. IFAD Participant