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  • Engineer problem solving, logic, clarity, knowing
  • Economist cost benefit, measurement, fair exchange
  • Artist heart, relationship, feeling, outsider
How are you balanced between Engineer, Artist and Economist? What is our identity and how does that influence our participation in online spaces?
Most of us identify with one domain, but in the online world, we benefit from building our strengths in other areas as well.
What do you need to strengthen where you are less dominant? Tone down?

  • An artist facilitating a group of engineers may be perceived as too soft and not focused on "real things."

Some useful practices:
  • Know how to move between the groups and communities we belong to and create connections between them (Multi-membership Mavens)
  • Let go of preconceived notions, at least when first in a new group and/or online environment
  • Be connectors, cultivate relationships
  • Know how to have the appropriate aspect of our identity show up online
  • Be comfortable holding multiple perspectives
  • Get comfortable with feeling like an outsider (outsiderness)
  • Know a range of interaction models and know when to use what, and when to ditch a strategy that is not working
  • Use humor in an appropriate manner. Play a bit to loose things up
  • Remix - take pieces of things from different places and remix them into new creations
  • Learn some of the language of the "other"


Discussion starter questions: