Workshop: The 8 Emerging Competencies of Online Interaction

As we move more deeply into the online word, it becomes apparent that we carry many of our offline skills. However, they often render differently online. We are in a world that is defined as much by state of mind as place or time. It is complex, boundary spanning and always changing world. In other words, a complex, emergent system.

So what do we need to competently use the online tools and processes to achieve our goals? How do we work, play, learn, explore and network? These questions become increasingly important if we consider that effective online interaction skills are vital for employability and productive work across a proliferating number of professions.

This 10 day asynchronous workshop will open an avenue of exploration into eight competencies of online interaction. These are:

Monday 10th July: Overview of The 8 Competencies of Online Interaction - Breeze, nancy record (DONE), Tony set up rest of forums
Tuesday 11th July: 2. Online communications; (perhaps most concrete)
Wednesday 12th July: 6. Tolerance for ambiguity (good at start since we will be working in an emergent fashion)
Thursday 13th July: 8. Love your tools. (concrete, should be in week 1)
Friday 14th July: 4. Facilitation skills; (concrete, lots of material to refer to)

Monday 17th July: 1. Self awareness; (juiciest, most complex)
Tuesday 18th July: 5. Learning with others (negotiation across experience)
Wednesday 19th July : 3. Intercultural antennae; (juicy)
Thursday 20th July : 7. Ability to switch contexts; and (might be nice towards end as a reflective moment)
Friday 21st July : Synthesis and additional resources

This understanding of online competencies comes from extensive practice and conversation within a number of communities of practice concerned with online interaction in a range of settings. They are still emergent and only partly verified by research, but resonate with experience. This is an invitation to help refine them. So consider this an intertwining of conceptual and practical engagement.

Participants will be offered a perspective on the competencies at a theoretical or "meta" level. After an introduction to the competencies on day 1 we will then explore competency per day with stories in application demonstrating their flexibility in different contexts. From there, the group will engage in conversation, some structured reflection and a few games to explore what the competencies mean in each individual's online life. The workshop will close on day 10 with an opportunity for participants to review their learning about all the competencies and to consider their future development paths.

At the conclusion of the workshop they will have explored how we prepare for an increasingly digital world - asked what competencies should we be nurturing and attending to in education and the workplace, assessed themselves on these competencies, and if interested, established a personal path for the continued development of the competencies.

Target Audience: anyone who finds themselves using online interaction as a key part of their work or personal life. Participation is limited to 25 participants. It is recommended that participants set aside some time each day to get the most out of the workshop.

  1. Determine order of competencies
  2. Determine how we want to do the rollout/"presentation" for day one
  3. Determine key stories and questions for each competency
  4. Gather support and reference materails
  5. Create day one stuff and post

  • Nancy not online July 18
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