Planning the Talk

On August 16th I'll be giving a talk in Bogota, Columbia, on the role of community in learning. Topics (waay too many, as usual) I've been asked to bring up in my talk (which will be translated to Spanish) - 55 minutes including Q&A. I'm putting notes, references and resources here. I'll also embed my draft slides and eventually the final set. Any contributions are appreciated, particularly those in Spanish.
  • about Communities of Practice.(most of our community is not that familiar with CoP ideas )
  • how do they relate to concepts like Learning Communities, Learning Networks and Virtual Communities
  • some of your experience on learning in these kind of communities,
  • why are they important to lifelong learning, for example.
  • some insight about the way that CoP can relate or interact with formal education courses/programs.

Notes from the larger conference, Quality in eElearning
My Flickr Photos from the Conference

Key Points

  • See DRAFT slides v2 - I will put the final slides up later and am working on uploading the Spanish translations right now.

Stories to Reinforce or Make Key Points

  • I'm working on these


About CoPs
In English

In Spanish comunidades de practica
From Miguel Cornjeo:

Some more resources Miguel Cornejo noted on his blog ( earlier:

Some less specific ones:

From: "Fernando Santamaria


About Learning Communities and Networks

  • 23 Bites of the Elephant, a great look at how social software can be used to support learning communities, particularly in education

About Learning Technologies

About Online or Virtual Communities

Lifelong Learning