This wiki will be a place for us to explore before our workshops capture during and share resources afterward. Because I'm using similar content for workshops at CSIR and University of Cape Town Business School, I'm folding the resources into just one page. At the bottom, you can find resources for each event.


General Workshop Description

(The workshop at CSIR is all day and includes additional elements. The agenda is subject to change and evolution once we get together!)

Technology has changed what it means for knowledge communities (project teams, work groups, forums, communities of practice, learning communities) to ‘be together’. Digital tools are an integral part of the habits – the way in which most such communities’ exist. One of the key questions online communities have to address is selecting the most appropriate technologies to support their needs. Together with Etienne Wenger and John D. Smith, Nancy White developed a new literacy and language to describe the practice of stewarding technology for communities.

Technology stewards are people with enough experience of the workings of knowledge communities to understand its technology needs and to be able to take leadership in addressing those needs. Stewardship typically includes selecting and configuring technology, as well as supporting its use in the practice of the community. This interactive workshop will focus on the development of the aptitude, skill and ability of professionals to lead as technology stewards.

  • Understand the concept and role of community technology stewardship
  • Identify key activities of your community and begin to match tools and processes to support those activities
  • Create a "spidergram" of your community's activity orientations as a guide to plan or evaluate your technology stewardship.


University of Cape Town Business School Meeting


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CSIR/Pretoria Notes and Participant Information