Preparation and notes from a presentation at Blogher 2006

Lauren Gelman mylastname at stanford dot edu
Nancy White
Susannah Gardner and
Melanie Morgan

What is the purpose of your community? (general online community checklist)

Who might/will be part of the community?

What form might your blog community take? (See the series that starts here.)
  • One blog centric
  • One topic between many independent blogs
  • Blogs within one platform

How much do you want/can your community be planned and how much will emerge?

What are the technical issues of your potential members?

What software might you use?

Great Ideas We Learned From Each Other
  • offer oppportunities for multiple voices/modalities
  • communitie smorphe
  • purpose for individual as well as community
  • what is commitment of community originator and how is it expresed
  • memes as a call to action
  • norms and standards evolve over time
  • continuous listening, what do people want
  • think about multiple media
  • physical connections - squeegie idea
  • Enage all sense
  • Identify both benefits to individual and community
  • Identify or create heartbeat moments in time for focus, scheduled things
  • map out your activities with a drawing and notice the nexus. Don't get paralyzed with too many
  • focus on how little you need rather than how much you need
  • competitive analysis - what is already out there and not replicate
  • product recommendation - people aggregator tool
  • different ways to keep people motivated, writer and community member perspectives
  • how to recruit community members
  • most active commentors to be part
  • recruiit offline via biz cards, community centers, nudges, ask people
  • setting expectations low (reasonable)
  • Create community by making it fun, email groups, offline meetups
  • sending rewards for going through process, teach someone to be involved when they are afraid of the word blog, different terms
  • ie newsletter, website,
  • decentralizing control, giving others control, teaching them to teach others and sit on your hands
  • questions about choosing platforms, migrating, making best initial choices,
  • integrating tools, 3rd party, keeping track of info that shows up in multiple places
  • Multiuser situation, how do you give them a good interface, keep track, display appropriately
  • Some tools: bloxum, drupal, plone, moodle, groupblogs on typepad or blogger, basecamp, writepad, expressionengine

Resources on Blog Based Communities

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