Self Awareness
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Importance of self-awareness ?
- Our own emotional reactions provide clues that others may also react emotionally to actions by participants
- Our emotional reactions connect us to the subjectivity of participants
- Ability to choose to avoid the kneejerk reaction
- Scope for achieving sustainability in our careers eg aware of when we are too tired and need a break or too overloaded to be effective

One key problem is that we are unable to fully see the way that we operate in groups whether as participants or facilitators. The infamous Johari window maps this challenge. Self-awareness means that we are conscious that we have some blind spots and sensitive to signals from others as to what these might be. And hopefully not paralysed by defensiveness when we discover a gap between how we actually behave and how we'd like the world to see us.


Some useful practices:
  • Use a reflective practice such as journaling or blogging
  • Use some of the think style style inventories or personality tests eg "Whats your personality type?" - take these with a grain of salt
  • Participate in a community of practice with others and ask for their feedback on how you "show up" online.
  • Read past posts to identify your style. Practice varying your style so you can adjust to a particular group or context.

Discussion starter questions:
1) a time when being self-aware helped you through a difficult online interaction?;
2) One of your personality traits that makes you a better online facilitator and one that sometimes undermines you as facilitator?;
3) A time when someone else helped you see yourself?

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