WE are thinking about surveying our extended network, the members of the OnlineFacilitation Yahoo group. Here are some suggestions for what we'd want to ask. (I can deploy/tablulate on Survey Monkey). As we think about this, we should consider:

  • length (and maybe options to do just a short demographic response and/or a longer more narrative response
  • language options (even though the list operates in English)
  • how we'd use the data

Possible Questions

  • Country you are from
  • Country(ies) you do work for/in
  • Country(ies) you represent (what do we mean by that?)
  • Primary language you use
  • Other languages you use in your work/community participation
  • Gender
  • Age

Online Facilitation Environment - Technology

- - something about the focus of, emphasis in, or time spent in our work
in four domains:



Tools we are proficient facilitating in/with
  • forums
  • email lists
  • blogs
  • wikis
  • synchronous meeting tools
  • phone + web
  • what else?

People we Serve
What ages are the communitites you work with?

8 - 12
12 - 18
18 - 30
over 30

What training have you had in a) group facilitation b) online facilitation c) other technology related d) other?
What are the theoretical underpinnings of your approach to facilitation?
What experience (and life skills) do you bring to their facilitation?
Are you a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)?
What other related professional groups or associations do you belong to or follow?

How many years have you been in the community field? (need to define what we mean by this. Do we want to survey the various roles people play in the online interaction field? Do we mean community?)

What community/group/network goals are you trying to achieve in your job?

What industry/sector do you do community in/for?
  • MMOG
  • Journalism
  • Human Resources, company Intranet
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Government
  • NGO
  • etc, please add

How emotionally bonded are the communities/groups/networks you work with?

  • 1% = just starting
  • 100% = insanely emotionally bonded

What is your proudest achievent?

What is your most memorable failure (how did you learn from it)?

What keeps you up at night?

Please tell a story about a recent event or process in an online
community you are engaged in.

What is the significance of your story?

Which tags would you use to describe it if it were a picture?

List the three communities that you identify with the most
  • Volunteer?
  • Paid?
  • A little of both?
  • Do you work full time, or on an hourly wage?
  • If on a salary:
    Salary: 000
    15 - 25
    25 - 40
    40 - 60
    60 - 100

For those employed:
  • Are you a remote or on-site worker?
  • Staff or contracted?
  • How many years have you been employed/contracted with your company?
  • How many times have you been laid off from a facilitation job?
  • How many times has a company closed down on you?
  • Has your job ever been outsourced? Yes/No
  • If so, to where? Which company? What reason did they give?
  • Is community your whole job, or part of your job?
  • If part, what percentage?

If you work for a company, what is the annual revenue of your company?
  • under $1 million
  • $1 - $10 million
  • $10 - $50 million
  • $50 - $100 million
  • $100 - $500 million
  • $500 million to $1 billion
  • $1 billion and above

How many employees in your company?

How many employees in the Community Department?

Are you a company owner or company worker?

What is your job security level? Percentage

What is your job satisfaction level? Percentage

Do you adhere to the IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics (or a similar Code of Ethics) in their online facilitation practice?

What are the contemporary ethical issues and dilemmas faced by members when facilitating online?

Survey of Group Facilitators

Survey of Group Facilitators conducted by the International Association of facilitators in 1996-1997. It would be a useful reference in our
survey planning and comparison.

Full reference: Schuman, S. (1998). Special Report: The 1996-1997 Survey of Group Facilitators. St. Paul, MN: International Association of Facilitators.