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Online Facilitation Knowledge Sharing Fair - First Quarter 2007

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Structure ideas
  • distributed across different online spaces? Doing without any centralised point of organisation would be interesting, and potentially groundbreaking but not without risk, as an experiment. How important is success?
    • It has been done before - the marketing people did a cool event Fall of 05
    • FLNW did a good job of organizing their conference using wikispaces in a way that was easy to see who was involved, the schedule of activities, collection of reflections/resources, follow up, etc. Just mentioning this as an example of how it can be self-managed and also be usable. - scurrie scurrie
    • What does success mean? To whom?
      • To me, success might mean: people learning something new, discovering/creating a new relationship, group or network (tapping in to), surfacing some key learnings that can be captured and shared out.- choconancy choconancy
      • Seems to me it will be important that people can easily find and join in the conference, make connections and stay connected, that discussions are held outside of gated community areas and that everything remains visible, live and open to revisiting and possible further discussions afterwards.
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  • all on one? In which case whichever one is chosen would entail a large amount of compromise in one area of functionality or another.
    • I'm tending towards something distributed with one page that brings all the pieces together. We could even do that with something like I agree with Andy that we need a few bits to keep coherence including some discussion tool. I have WebCrossing space, but email list may be just fine. I'd like something that makes it REALLY easy to join in and not require much admin overhead. (I'm lazy) - choconancy choconancy
    • Whichever the discussion platform, I think being able to subscribe via email is vital. Personally, I've found moodle fairly straightforward - not adminstered it though. But Sylvia Currie is offering to admin a substantial (3 week) session on the Scope site at a coinciding time, on what appears to be the same subject, so that alone, linked in to the wikispace here could be enough.
    • I like the distributed willy-nilly with a unifying central page. We could call that our portal. For me, either email or RSS/Atom would be fine for keeping up. I suspect it may be a challenge to keep up with all the various distributed venues, though.
  • other ideas>? I suggest aiming for the simplest possible open structure which can accommodate a lively online conference. In practice that probably means one asynchronous discussion engine + one document space + bring your own blogs, IM, skype etc. - AndyRoberts AndyRoberts
  • I would second “simple”. I also participated in the CoP 2005 which Holly referred to on the list and in addition to missing a follow-up, as Holly mentioned, I also found it took me quite a while to make sense of the various online courses spaces and to realise “what I should be doing” so I think a simple clear structure/layout would be something to aim for.[Bill Williams ]
  • How about one main conference site with forum for welcomes, admin details, announcements, then schedule a few topic-based synchonrous and asynchronous sessions over a period of x weeks. Avoid concurrent synchronous events, or too much in one day. That's so f2f! - scurrie scurrie
** Can y'all say more about follow up?
  • >>
      • Keep the archives available
    • What might help with coherence? How much coherence is enough?
  • >>
      • Identify some basic roles. Summarizers, welcomers, moderator for the main forum, sitekeeper, others?
  • >>>
      • Build in a metaphor -- love the county fair idea (share, display & trade, fairgrounds, midway, amusement park..okay I might be getting carried away!) - BillHarris BillHarris Why? That's beginning to sound interesting. We don't need to develop the infrastruture, but I see a form of the old TappedIn space (not the new one). :-)
  • >>>
  • >>>
      • A way to gather members into one place and see the crowd. Andy mentions bring your own blogs, IM etc. I wonder, can we display people and their stuff in a way that isn't linear or buried in a forum? -- - scurrie scurrie

Content ideas
  • Tools: Discussions on the different online spaces utilizable, and evaluation/comparison of some of those resources (moodle vs other cms(es), desktop sharing (eg. webhuddle), skypecasting and other web conference tools, groups, email notifications...
  • Practices: Focus on the changing skills required to facilitate emerging forms of online interaction, eg how do you facilitate a loose gathering of contributors to a wiki, or an aggregated blog community?
  • What does online facilitation mean in a boundryless world of blogs, wikis and networks?
  • What does boundaryless work mean as we cross cultures and borders? What does it mean as the fraction of such work from each region of the world shifts more and more? - BillHarris BillHarris
  • What are the differences and similarities between team, community and network collaboration and what is (or isn't) the role of facilitation?
  • Paradoxes and Polarities: how do we design and facilitate for situations that often are polarities. I.e individual/group, interacting/publishing, togetherness over time and space? - choconancy choconancy moz-screenshot-1.jpgmoz-screenshot-2.jpg
  • I'm planning a 3-week seminar discussion in SCoPE on supporting and advancing online dialogue. If the scheduling works out, this activity could be organized as part of the conference. - scurrie scurrie
    • It might be fun to have this as part of the constellation. Victor, what about your event as well? - choconancy choconancy

Technology ideas
  • use of some of the same tools mentioned above in the bullet added under "content ideas"
  • I'd be interested in trying out OO.o Webcasting in a group, if there is sufficient interest in that sort of environment. Assuming file sizes weren't too big, and assuming I could integrate or switch between slide sets (in a format OO.o Impress can open) without too much difficulty, I can probably host such a Webcast on my site. I'm not a Skype user (something about not wanting to donate my bandwidth and cycles, when both are already limited at times), but I do use Gizmo Project (I know, it sounds as if they can do that, too, but I haven't read reports of problems yet), and phone (e.g., one of the free phone bridges) works, too. - BillHarris BillHarris
  • SCoPE community is available if we want to use it (Moodle) We have Marginalia installed and it would be great to gather together a group to evaluate how this annotation tool can be useful for facilitators. Update: Would this work for a "home space"? It is open to the public--i.e. no log in required to read. If participants want to contribute to forums would be prompted for a quick account setup (name, country, email address) I set the Google calendar to feed into the space and threw in a few communication tools. We can give moderator access to anyone who wants to add resources/edit. Just an idea! Let me know what you think. - scurrie scurrie

  • Victor has suggested that we could piggy back on a Latin America event and do a bilingual gathering.
  • As long as we're thinking multilingual, we might as well consider letting the centroid of the conversation be closer to the centroid of population; that's a big-worded suggestion we work to involve Asia in a big way. Something like a link to Google Language Tools displayed prominently on each page might help people; then we could consider allowing people to post in any language they want. There's at least one mailing list I'm on (Scribus, I think) that encourages everyone to post in whatever language they want. They say that they can probably cover most languages and that, if people see a posting they can't respond to but do understand, they'll likely translate the question into another language for others. - BillHarris BillHarris

Time Frame Ideas
  • 2 weeks? 4 weeks?
  • Jan/Feb?
** I like this; the end of the year is busy for many people for a number of reasons (although it's not the end of the year for everyone). - BillHarris BillHarris
  • >>
    • Not too early in January! Too many people are scrambling. - scurrie scurrie


  • Some people have published books or offer fee-based courses on facilitation. They may be interested in facilitating a conference session as a way to promote their products. - scurrie scurrie
    • I need to run another of my workshops, Sylvia, and I like this idea.
  • In reading the latest ideas, an idea came to me: what if we made it a fair? County fairs, at least in the USA, are places where people show off what they've grown or cooked or made. We could have it as a bunch of events where various individuals talked about things they had done, things they had made, or ideas that interested them. While it could get overly commercial (I hear the utility of guidelines), it could be an interesting place to explore new ideas and show our mutual curiousity. Incidentally, these ideas don't have to be about OLF; they could be about a range of topics, with the OLF coming in as the medium, not (necessarily) the message. - BillHarris BillHarris
    • I love this idea (Nancy) Years ago we did a Knowledge Ecology Fair.
    • I like the fair idea – moves us away from the original “alternative to academic conference” idea but that’s no bad thing IMO.The fair metaphor seems more open ended and flexible to me (and distinguishes the event from online workshops/conferences etc).I was wondering whether some of the ideas from f2f knowledge fairs could be useful (never attended one but have been intrigued by the concept) example: [Bill Williams ]

  • I have no idea if she'd be interested, but Glenda Eoyang has done lots of work applying complex adaptive systems (CAS) ideas to human systems. Perhaps she'd be interested in becoming involved in some way, because we might just create a CAS here. I can ask her, if people think that's a good idea. - BillHarris BillHarris

Leadership/Doership/Making it Happen
  • What would you be willing to do? What would you like to see others do to make something happen?
> I'm willing to play an active role in at least one session, and generally throughout, also keep an eye on wiki development. I'll start to publicise the event and would like to see others do the same.- AndyRoberts AndyRoberts
  • I'm also willing to play an active role in at least one session (hope to make the SCoPE seminar discussion happen at the same time!), will help to spread the word and to organize more activities - scurrie scurrie
  • Likewise I'm willing to play an active role in at least one session - I was thinking of something on online facilitation and development - and in publicising the event - Bill Williams - liam_mac_liam liam_mac_liam
  • Coordinate - - choconancy choconancy
  • I can probably play an active role in one or more sessions. Is it a good idea to blog about this yet, potentially getting a few more people to help organize things, or is it better to wait until we have a plan? - BillHarris BillHarris

Next Steps:
  • Set up a google calendar to identify all the existing online events to see how we can intersect - Nancy
* Identify a partner who can offer to host our "home space" with links to other spaces (could be as simple as this wiki, or more complex, depending on the offer from our friends.
  • Frame the "Fair" concept - short description
  • Set some time frame and get this on our calendars