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Getting to Know Each Other Before the Workshops

Since we are talking about online stuff in our community workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, we thought it might be nice to share a bit about ourselves before the workshop. To do that, we have set up this wiki page where you can introduce yourself.

  1. First, you need a wikispaces account. To do that click on the "join" button in the upper right hand corner of this page. Fill out the form.
  2. Then return to this page and request to join the wiki by clicking on the "join this wiki" link in the upper left hand side of the page, just under the Full Circle Associates logo. Nancy has to approve your membership in this wiki. Remember, until November 7th, Nancy is at GMT -7 so she make be a bit behind you in approving the request. So please, don't wait until the last minute!
  3. Once you are joined and logged in, click the (now visible) edit button towards the top middle of this page and answer the questions below. We've put in an example below for you to follow.

Tell us...
    • Who you are and where you are from? It would be great to know which session (City, and intro or advanced session) you are going to
    • What online community issues are you interested in? (challenges, concerns, interests, opportunities "what flicks their switch")
    • Offer pointers and links to public work you are doing or communities you are involved with.
    • If you have any issues about things being public or private (how much do you want to tell in public), let us know. Here you can use a pseudonym, but please tell us privately who you are. If you are concerned about anything being public, feel free to send that to Nancy at nancyw at fullcirc dot com

  • Remember to hit "Save" when you are done!
  • You can subscribe to updates to this page to see what others have written. After you have saved the page, look for the tab towards the top middle of the page that says "notify." You can click that and select from the notification options (email and/or RSS).


Matt and Nancy


  • Nancy White, doing both the Sydney and Melbourne workshops, from Seattle Washington, US. I'm interested in the differences betgween communities and networks, how to facilitate for engagement online and how to deal with online community fatigue or too much community membership (multimembership). You can read about what I'm doing on my blog at, follow me on Twitter (@NancyWhite) and all that good stuff. I am happy sharing things in public and I will speak up when I tell a story that has to remain anonymous. I do have a pseudonym, tho, albeit a public one. Choconancy. Can you guess why?
  • Matt Moore, doing both Sydney & Melbourne (baby permitting). I'm interested I blog here & here & Tweet here. I am interested in both online & off-line communities - I chair this one and occasionally help with this one. My two passions at the moment are: 1. amphibious/blended communities (which have online & offline elements) & 2. measurement (which may involve numbers - or not).

  • Mark Spain, doing the Sydney pm workshop, from Canberra, ACT. I'm interested in building and sustaining communities that take action in the world. I am especially interested in designing the balance between face-to-face and online activities that sustain relationships. I am interested in designing and facilitating change, leadership and innovation programs see I use our collaborative meeting technology and process iMEET! I recently gave a short talk about our learning insights and work at the Public Sphere event on Government 2.0, hosted by Senator Kate Lundy at Parliament House on the 22nd June 2009. I am particularly interested in engaging citizens to co-create the future we desire. The talk was on "enACT for the Future - Community participation in building a sustainable future". For a 5min video and the slides see: The day was mainly about using Web2.0 to improve citizen involvement with government. For more on the whole event see: For more about enACT for the Future see:
  • Alison Michalk - attending Sydney's Advanced Communities workshop
    I have been working for Fairfax Digital for 18 months as Community Manager for Australia's largest parenting community (170K) - quite a hefty sized forum for little ol' Oz. I manage a team of 25 remote volunteer Mods and two casual Admin staff. I am very passionate about online communities and am involved in the Aust Community Managers Facebook Group and roundtables, yet between motherhood & working don't find enough time to blog here. You can follow me @alisonmichalk
    The 'advanced' agenda really interested me - managing a community across platforms (and arguing/justifying the time required to do so, when not associated with clear commercial benefits), managing rapid growth, demonstrating value (yes!), managing risks, developing/advancing. I'm really looking forward to day, thanks for the opportunity Matt & Nancy. --Cheekily adding my email for those who wanted to get in touch alisonmichalk [at]
  • Mick Leyden (@micktleyden) - coming along to Melbourne's Advanced communities workshop
    I work for CPA Australia's Knowledge Exchange team. Our objective is to help our members (Certified Practising Accountants) get connected to and learn from each other. We're trying to achieve this by doing lots of different things, one of those is fostering the development of online communities amongst our membership. This is an interesting challenge as our 'target market' are pretty conservative which means in many cases they are not inclined to jump online and join social networks to collaborate. Very occasionally I write a blog. Really looking forward to the workshop. :-)
  • John Legg and Chris Rawlinson - from a small business - Helpful Partners - in Adelaide attending both Melbourne workshops. We work in the area of communication solutions for the support of family, individual and community relationships and have written handbooks like this and websites like this one. We have partnered with Relationships Australia Victoria to develop a new social networking site for their clients and related organisations. This will change the way practitioners do their work and allow people to seek expert help and also to support each other in specially designed virtual spaces 24/7. We have a lot to learn and are looking forward to the day. We are just getting into blogging to garner content for a new resource we are writing on Men and Violence.
  • Margaret Moon and Catherine Healy - we attending both of the Sydney sessions tomorrow. We work at WorkCover NSW and are both a bit technologically challenged, as individuals as well as organisationally. We have a lot of ideas about how we would like to use online communities to engage with our stakeholders, some of whom are not particularly interested in engaging with us at all, let alone using digital tools, but don't quite know where to start. We are interested in finding out what motivates people to engage online, strategies for building trust and helping people overcome their fear around engaging with a 'regulator'. We have a wide variety of stakeholders, some of whom have quite low levels of literacy, so we would be interested in exploring ways to engage with people using visual or audio tools, rather than than text-based tools.
  • Rachael Currie & Olivia Parker - Hi! we're attending the advanced online communities afternoon session Tues 9/11. We are both producers (aka project managers) at Community Engine who specialise in online social networking and community engagement technology. We are currently working on a range of community based websites and have just finished a government 2.0 project for 6 NSW based MPs (all of which we are very proud of!). You can view some of the work via our case studies from our website which will give you a good idea of what we've been up to. We love connecting people! We work across many industries and community based projects so we're really excited to learn new strategies and new ways to help deliver cutting edge community projects. We are also interested in what challenges and risks we might be faced with and how to best deal with them. We're pumped about the workshop and collaborating with everyone :)
  • Jasmin Tragas aka @wonderwebby. I work part time in marketing IBM (previous in eLearning) and sometimes blog over at Wonderwebby. I'm attending the Melbourne Advanced session (yay!) In the past I've helped to lead online learning communities and parenting communities. As a working parent I value my community of colleagues around the world who help to keep me up-to-date. I'm also interested in the kind of instant community that happens as you embark on social media events & projects for nonprofits (like Tweetsgiving) and the arts/culture.
  • Scott Drummond (@scott_drummond , ) - I am currently working as Community Manager for a start-up cause-wired sports social networking company called the Sports Hydrant . My role is very diverse as I am part of a small team, but I have spent the last six months specifically focused on developing a community strategy for the business and have learned a great deal from the experience. I have also almost finished working on the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival , a community festival that sees nine events run over five days, all dedicated to fostering a sense of shared culture around the bicycle. Again, the experience of working as one of the lead producers of the festival has taught me a great deal about community engagement, stakeholder identification and the role technology has to play in both those areas.
  • Daryl Cook (**@darylcook**) - Attending the advanced online communities afternoon session Tues 9/11I in Melbourne. I'm working at CPA Australia (a member-based organisation for accountants) implementing a knowledge strategy - helping members connect and learn from each other. Building member online communities is a key part of this strategy. Passionate about facilitation -- both online and face-to-face -- and learning through conversation. Particularly interested in participatory processes and self-organisation -- giving up the illusion of control and paying attention to what it means to be human.
  • Kimbra White ( I work as a solo consultant in community engagement and facilitation. I am doing both the beginners and advanced sessions in Melbourne - just because I wanted to get as much exposure to Nancy and her work as possible. I am interested in the uses of the online community engagement technology rather than being directly involved in the technology. I am happy to read others and use other people's products. I am involved with IAP2 and about to embark on a worldwide member engagement program using an online engagement tool so that all our members can participate worldwide. IAP2 in Australia has also been experimenting with various social networking sites and many of my clients are seeking new ways of engaging their communities.
  • Keith De La Rue (@kdelarue) I work as an independent consultant in knowledge, communication and learning at AcKnowledge Consulting in Melbourne. I will be attending the Melbourne workshop day on Tue 17. I am also interested in collaboration, communities and how people manage change. This last one is a current passion - too many organisations are still not understanding the need to do more than just engage staff in change, but to actually include them in the change process. See my current thoughts on this on my blog (includes a link to the presentation The Idea Monopoly? on SlideShare). I have written about communities in the KM Review article The theory and practice of communities. You can see a list of my published work on the "Docs" page on my blog. I am one of the organisers of the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum (KMLF), which is mostly a face-to-face community, but with activity supported by a blog, Yahoo! group email and a LinkedIn Group. Note that Nancy will also be speaking for us on Monday night 16 Nov - see info and registration details on the blog. Community = open = public = sharing!
  • Marigo Raftopoulos @marigo I work as an independent management consultant in business strategy and organisational learning mainly for the public sector and corporates. Over the last few years I have branched out into serious games (as a business strategy and learning tool) and more recently into social business design. I am also a doctoral candidate researching into the development of sustainable business models for nextgen organisations. I blog here and my brochure sites can be found here and here . While I have been an active participant and contributor on online communities I have not led or managed them. I'm attending the afternoon session in Melbourne to learn more, contribute where I can and meet amazing people who together can help change the world for the better, one on-line community at a time.
  • Helen Mitchell (@helmitch) I'm in Melbourne and work at CPA Australia (there're a few of us attending!) and will be at the Advanced Communities workshop on the Tuesday afternoon. My role and part of the business within CPA Australia (and its 122,000+ members) is all about how we connect 'people with knowledge' and 'people with people' regardless of their location in the world. We do that through access to resources (virtual library), new ways of learning (virtual learning technologies) and tapping into tacit knowledge and 'know-how' (knowledge exchange). Underpinning this, our team helps to change the thinking of the organisation in understanding how we create new ways of learning, connection, communciation and communities. Personally, my passion is how people connect and share their knowledge - and for me this is about the human side of how we 'work it all out together' - conversation, collaboration, engagement and the best approach that we find through understanding and appreciating each other's strengths and differences. Fundamentally, I find people fascinating! :-) And I blog (sometimes...) at Musing the Universe.
  • Alex Dalidakis (@alex_d13) Another one of the CPA Australia gang! As a Project Executive within the team I am looking at member engagement within an online environment, specifically, how to translate real-world connections into virtual ones and then build on these networks. What this means in a day-to-day sense is that I'm researching methods of managing reputation online, platforms for online networking and collaboration as well as some fun activities like filming, video editing and managing the CPA Australia YouTube channel. Oh, and I blog too! Love Number Two.