Webmeeting Providers (fee based)


First "off the cuff" impressions comparing WebEx and Elluminate

  • Speed - good and comparable between the two
  • VOIP - Easier to take/pass the mic in Elluminate. Requires moderator to control in WebEX
  • Dial Up - I don't think Elluminate has a separate land line dial up option - need to check. WebEx has toll free and user-pay-long distance options. VOIP on Elluminate has worked well for me in fairly limited bandwidth in the South.
  • Breakouts - WebEx confusing and require quite a bit of juggling by the moderator (I have experienced, but not set up breakouts on Elluminate, so I need to test this.) Concerned that sometimes in a VOIP group call a land line telecon number is delivered for breakouts
  • Controls: WebEx can only have one moderator - so hard to share some duties. Can have multiple mods in Elluminate
  • Confusing options with dial in and VOIP for setting up confs in WebEx. No Dial up options in Elluminate
  • White board performs swiftlyin WebEx, but less functionality than Elluminate white boards (stamps, easy integration of visuals)
  • PPT - good on both systems
  • Support seems responsive on WebEx. Elluminate is generally pretty good, but I have had one problem.
  • Chat function - good options of all group or private messages for both systems. WEbEx has improved from what it was.
  • Recording - did not experience the playback of WebEx but both seem to be easy to start/stop recordings. Both capture in proprietary formats, which is a negative.
  • Cannot cut and paste between whiteboards in WebEx (I need to test this on Elluminate)
  • WebEx "Training Room" language is to me annoying - it assumes one particular paradigm which is a minus. Elluminate offers a more generic platform for multiple functions.
  • Both have branding options for a room. I think WebEx has a bit more visual options for branding.