Weaving Personal and Organisational Networks: 2.0 with a purpose

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Social media presents us with the tantalizing idea that, through a set of internet tools, we instantly become meaningfully connected to others. But, in a time of social media proliferation and even hype, we need a flexible framework that helps us identify, select and use these tools with a clear purpose in mind to help us develop useful practices. This means thinking not only about tools, but about what types of human forms we can use, what range of activities we have available to support our purpose. We need perspectives that allows us to experiment, reflect and refine these practices whilst recognising the unique needs of our context and the larger interaction ecosystem that webs around the globe. And finally, a way to amplify what we do. (Inspired by things like this from Howard Rheingold).To generate learning, work and action.

June Holley talks about a relationship oriented practice called "network weaving" as the mindset and skill-set that enable us to increase the health and effectiveness of our individual and organizational networks. In a time of information abundance Clay Shirkey and David Weinberger suggest new ways of seeing information overload as an opportunity instead of a threat through the lens of "filters" - both human and mechanical. How do we practically bring both the intimacy and trust of personal relationships and the breadth and diversity of content based networks to our work?

This workshop will assist us with the question "What form of online interaction should we use and when?"

  • We will frame potential processes based on clarity of purpose and strategy. This includes purpose, activities, technology stewardship and facilitation practices such as network weaving.
  • We will explore strategies to help apply our learning to our individual institutional network/community goals, and the assessment of assets such as our existing technology stewardship and network weaving skills.
  • We will consider together emerging ideas on network patterns and potential.
  • And finally, we will create our own action plans. for whatever interaction forms are suggested for your work: individual autonomy, bounded groups/communities or the wider open networks.

Of course, this is insanely ambitious! :-)

On the day
  • Bring your mobile or smart device (or borrow one!) as “social sharing” is encouraged. Tweet,
  • blog, Flickr etc.
  • Coffee, lunch and snacks will be provided.
  • You are also invited to join us at Creations Cafe at the CSIR Knowledge Commons afterwards
  • to continue the conversation (optional, cash bar).

Who should attend
  • Practitioners who are either actively involved as technology stewards in their organisations
  • and communities, or those who are ready to start with this
  • Knowledge workers with a keen interest in nurturing and leveraging their networks, and/
  • or work with organisations and other groups to strengthen the network as an asset
  • Organizational leaders with responsibility for online interaction goals or online spaces

Event Hashtag

  • For overall conference #digischol
  • For our workshops #ibala

Social Media Preparation

Consider creating in advance a...


Comments (handouts linked below table)
Human Spectrogram
Make connections and disconnects visible/discussable
Handout on Spectrogram method as a take home (or link)

Review of the Day’s Agenda and Approach
Get everyone on the same page
Can we send in advance? Can we do introductions online in advance?
We, Me and the Network - what do we mean
Getting to some shared language. Surface examples from participants.
Understand differences and intersections of personal and organizational networks. Maybe even Net Work
A few slides, then put people in small groups to consider where on the spectrum their work /groups are falling. (link to slides will be included after workshop)

Networks for what purpose?
Looks at both the “why” and begins to define “domain”

Purpose checklist and small group feedback.
Handout: purpose checklist
Network Network Networking

Full group reflection on purpose. Then introduce CPD framework for talking about our networks
While we are not talking strictly about CoPs, use the C-P-D framework

From Purpose to Action: Activities as the pulse of our networks
Spidergram activity
Emphasize focus, sequence, spidergram as both a planning, and evaluation approach.
Handout: Spidergram activity sheet

A moment about technology
Take the activities from Spidergram and begin to explore how tools and practices can help attain the activity goals.
See http://improveverywhere.com/2011/05/09/gotta-share-the-musical/

Tools without people aren’t worth anything. Who are we talking about?
Network Mapping & Network Weaving
Network Mapping Exercise
Network Weaving Checklists/Tools
Handouts: Forthcoming

Putting it All Together - strategy, sequence and what NOT to do!

Handout: Planning Template (Forthcoming)
What next? resources, networks and communities you might be interested in
(Elmi, will we have connectivity to look at this wiki?)

Adjourn and Continue Informal Conversation in the Knowledge Commons!!!


People (who want to share contact information)

Links to Handouts

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